College Management

St. John's College is a statutory body which is governed by St. John's College Ordinance (Cap 1089). The Ordinance regulates the power and the management authority of the College.

The governing body of the College is the College Council which is headed by the President, who shall be appointed by the Council. The Master and Fellows shall constitute the administrative authority of the College and the Master shall be the chief administrative officer.

The Dean of College is appointed by the Master and he is responsible for student affairs. The Administrator is responsible for the day to day management. Tutors serve as a bridge the College and the students. The students form the Students' Association of the College, and an Executive Committee is elected every year to promote "fellowship", recreation and common interests among the members.

College Council

The College Council shall consist of :

a. the following members ex officio:

  1. the President, who shall be chairman;
  2. the Master;
  3. the treasurer
  4. the Fellows not being honorary fellows;
  5. the Vicar of St. Stephen's Church in Pok Fu Lam;
  6. the secretary of the Church Missionary Society, South China Mission, or a person nominated by him;

b. the following appointed members:

  1. one man and one woman being former residents of the College, appointed by the associations of alumnae and alumni;
  2. four principals of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Secondary Schools, appointed by the Standing Committee of the General synod of the Province of Hong Kong Sheung Kung Hui, for a period of two year at a time.
  3. Two representative appointed by the Standing Committee of Standing Committee of the General synod of the Province of Hong Kong Sheung Kung Hui, for a period of two years at a time.

c. two other members may be elected by the council.

The Members of the College Council for year 2013-14:


  • • The Hon. Mr. Justice Yeung Chun Keung
  • Master:
  • Dr. Eric Chong
  • Treasurer:
  • Dr. Martin Kwong


  • Professor L.Y. Chiu
  • Dr. Vivian Wong
  • Dr. K.C. Wong
  • Mr. Frederick Ho,SBS,OBE,JP
  • Ms. Wong Fung Yi
  • Dr. K. M. Tsang
  • Professor Lee Ngok
  • The Hon. Mr. Justice Yeung Chun Keung
  • Professor Michael Wilkinson
  • Ms. Shirley Yung
  • Dr. Cora Ngai
  • Dr. Arnold Cheng
  • Mr. Joseph Tsik
  • Mr. Vincent Chiu
  • Dr. Eugenie Y. Leung
  • Professor Gareth Jones
  • Professor Paul Lau
  • Mr. Peter Lai
  • Mr. Paul Lee
  • Professor Merry John Malcolm
  • Professor Yeung Sum
  • Dr. Chan Ting-hon Kevin
  • Ms. Nam Hoi-yan Fiona
  • Ms. Siew Feng-qi Eliza
  • Dr. David Franco Macri

Life Fellow:

  • Rev. Paul Tong

Council Members:

  • Rev. Ip Kam Fai
  • Ms. Lam Wan Yui Stephanie
  • Dr. Kennard John
  • Professor Frederick Leung
  • Mr. Kwok Chi Kay
  • Dr. Ip Shing Kwan
  • Mr. Ernest Kwok
  • Mr. Michael Lai
  • Mr. Alexander Kwan
  • Mr. Lee Koon Lam
  • Dr. Jane C. Y. Lee
  • Ms. Chan Yuk King

Honorary Fellows:

  • Rev. Dr. Michael Poon
  • Professor Zhenmin Wang
  • Dr. W. Yao Liang
  • Dr. Jens Martin Scherpe
  • The Most Revd Dr. Paul Kwong
  • Dr. Thomas Kvan
  • Professor Lee Sum-ping

The Officials of the College

The Master

  • Dr. Eric Chong

Dr Eric Chong (Ph. D.) has been the Master of St. John's College since August 2008. He is a Malaysian, holding degrees in Engineering (Metallurgical), History of Religions, Theology, Anthropology and Archaeology, and Comparative Literature. He has received his education from the University of Malaya, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Columbia University, University of London and Cambridge University.His fields of specialty include Middle Eastern (particularly Iraq, Syria and Palestine) Archaeology and Literature. He is also the Academic Tutor for History, Literature and Philosophy at St. John's College

Dean of College

  • Dr. Wong Kwok Chun

Dr. Wong Kwok Chun is the current Dean of College. He once stayed in 2/F. he graduated from Heep Wo College, and gained a Bachelors degree, as master degree and a Doctorate degree in Surveying from the University of Hong Kong. He is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Real Estate of the University of Hong Kong.

Lay Chaplain & Tutor Counselors

  • Ms. Wong Tuen Yee Antonia, LLM
  • Ms. Wong Terese

Senior Research Fellow

  • Dr. David Franco Macri

Fellow in Residence

  • Ms. Nam Hoi Yan Fiona, PCLL
  • Mr. Cheung Hang Yiu (Undergraduates)

Tutor Advisor

  • Ms. Siew Feng Qi, PCLL

Tutor Counselors:

  • Mr. Dai Sheng Yao
  • Mr. Heung Tsz Kin Kingsley
  • Mr. Cheung Ching
  • Mr. Au Yeung Chun Yu
  • Mr. Tang Wing To
  • Ms. Chan Yin Wa
  • Ms. Fan Kai Yung Cynthia
  • Ms. Yeung Hoi Kei Ada
  • Mr. Wong Yin Chun Jeffrey
  • Mr. Li Xiaoyang Edward
  • Mr. Wong Seung Yee Anders

Academic Tutors and Honorary Academic Tutors:

  • Au Yeung Joey (Hon), BArchSt
  • JiaYunyan Andrea (Hon), Ph.D.
  • Cheung Conrad, BBA Law
  • Khoo Anthony (Hon), BEcon
  • Lai Jimmy Yan Ho, BBA
  • Law Michael (Hon), BEcon, MBSt
  • Li Edward (Hon), BEcon, MEcon
  • Cheng Meggan, BEd
  • Au Yeung Ka Cheong Alex (Hon), BEng
  • Chee Adrian (Hon), Ph.D. Candidate
  • Ling Shao Keat, BEng
  • Wong KC (Hon), Ph.D.
  • Fan Cynthia (Hon), MSportsSc
  • Macri David, Ph.D.
  • Baker Joshua, LLB Cambridge
  • Heng Jocelyn, LLB
  • Lam Beverly, LLB
  • Lam Natalie, LLB, BSSc
  • Lam Shui Yin Zoe, LLB, BBA
  • Lam Stephanie, Juris Doctor, PCLL
  • Leung James, LLB
  • Makeham Henry (Hon), BA, LLM
  • Siew Feng Qi (Hon), LLB, PCLL
  • Tso Ronald Lok Ming, LLB
  • West Mike, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Siu Kin Bong Brian, BDS
  • Sutanto Stephen, BDS
  • Cheung Gavin, MBBS
  • Ho Gerry Chi Hei, MBBS
  • Ng Jerry (Hon), MBBS
  • Ngai Cora (Hon), MBBS
  • Tsang Enoch Hoyin (Hon), MBBS
  • Tsang FeliceHoching, Ph.D.
  • Wong Vivian (Hon), MBBS
  • Yuen Pak To Ryan, MBBS
  • Kit Pang, Ph.D. SYS Guangzhou
  • Wong Chi Lun Alan, BSc
  • Dai Sheng Yao (Hon), Ph.D. Candidate
  • Chong Eric, Ph.D. London; Cantab
  • Lau Kin, BSocSc
  • Lee Angela, Ph.D. Candidate
  • Mok Hon Ting Howard, BSocSc
  • Tse Ka Chun Penny, BSocSc
  • Wong Yin Chun Jeffrey (Hon), BSocSc
  • Yeung Sum (Hon), Ph.D. London
  • Yip Eric (Hon), Ph.D. Oxford

Assistant Lecturer(Part-time):

  • Mr. Randy Shek, M.Law
  • Dr. Fung Tak Lit Derek, MBBS

College Accountant:

  • Mr Joshua Yu

Assistant Manager

  • Miss Tiffany Lam

Chief Steward

  • Mr Jvan Lee