Admission Criteria

As the college is a non-university administered hall and does not join the Joint Hall Admission Scheme (JHAS), the college has its own set of admission criteria. Unlike JHAS, St. John’s does not emphasize on travel distance and home condition when considering applicants for admission. Rather, the college focuses more on whether the applicants have their own potential to excel and enjoy common life. Application to the college is used to be competitive; therefore, applicants are encouraged to supply more information to the college for consideration.

Admission Procedures

Applicants applying for St. John’s College should follow the university procedures for hall application, though the college is a non-university administrated hall and does not take part in the Joint Hall Admission Scheme (JHAS) of the university. Enrolment exercise usually starts in May for current students and August for freshmen. Indeed, the college accepts applications throughout the year; therefore, applicants can write directly to the college for application. Interview will be arranged for selected applicants. List of successful candidates will be posted on the notice board at the college as well as on the university campus. In some cases, successful candidates will be contacted directly by the college.