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St. John's College

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Virtue and Wisdom

The College aims to equip its students with the open mind, moral principles, and physical robustness to develop their intellectual and critical thinking skills.

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Since 1912

Nurturing virtuous leadership with service ethic has been intrinsic to St. John's since its establishment.

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A Way of Life

From residing to living on campus.

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College Life

More Than a Hall

Through the shared-living experience, healthy competitions, and cultural exposure, St. Johnians continue to bond, support each other and push themselves as far as they are able.


Unity in Diversity

Living in a community with a 50:50 ratio of local and international peers reflects the College's Christian faith, which transcends differences and embraces inclusiveness.

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Spirit of Aquila

Let every St. Johnian rally around, whether it be fixtures and games or cultural activities.

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Brothers and Sisters

"Brotherhood" and "Sisterhood" are two St. Johnian residential life vocabularies. Each floor is shaped by their distinctive culture and traditions, which are shared among current students and alumni.

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A lifelong Journey

Beyond St. John's

Once a St. Johnian, Always a St. Johnian

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At a Glance

St. John’s Uniqueness

St. Johnians continue to strive:  


Overall Champions
50 : 50
Local: International


Years of History
HKU Residential Hall



Our Stories

Our St. John's

Sharings of what does the College mean to students and College members.

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Fin-Minds, a new student-led initiative was launched this year that aims to provide a platform for students who are interested in finance or business to exchange ideas and explore different industries.

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Apart from initiating free pancakes for students at the Dining Hall, the Christian Fellowship also held a music worship and rounds of Kahoot games on bible study as well as the festival’s fun facts.

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St. John's College has installed solar panels on the roofs of the Third Wing (Phase I) and the New Wing (Phase II). The electricity generated will be sold back to CLP and the revenue generated will be used to sponsor students who are in need for their residence fee in the College. 

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