Whereas it is desirable to establish a college within the University of Hong Kong, styled the College of St. John the Evangelist for the pursuit of virtue and sound learning with faith in God and within the order of the Anglican Communion; and to this end to provide accommodation for teachers and students of all races where they may live, study and worship together; and to promote extramural activities in Christian learning and service, that the members of the College may then better understand and fulfill their duty to God and their neighbours.


St. John’s College was founded in 1912 and it was the first residential hall in the University. Its predecessors were St. John’s Hall and St. Stephen’s hall which were for boys and girls respectively. After the Second World War, in 1955, funded by the University and the Anglican Church, they were combined and moved to the current site at the junction of Pokfulam and Pokfield Road.

The new hall was renamed “St. John’s College”. We emphasize that “the College is more than a hall of residence”. “College” better represent our mission – a College is the gathering together of a body scholars for the formation of human character through sports and cultural activities, and the pursuit of academic excellence by discipline study and open discussions. From its establishment St. John’s College shoulders the banner “Breeds the Excellent”. Through these many years we have thus nurtured many of Hong Kong’s leaders in government, industry and commerce, culture and education.

The College facilities include the Marden Wing, the Au Boon Haw Wing and the Wong Chik Ting Hall. The former two provide 223 single-bedroom accommodations for undergraduates, while the Wong Chik Ting Hall is mainly for postgraduate and visiting scholars, providing 111 en-suite single-bedroom accommodations.