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What is St. John's All About?

History of Nurturing Leadership

Established by the Anglican Church in 1912, St. John's College was the first residential hall of the University of Hong Kong.

With a history for over a hundred years, the College has nurtured generations of leaders from all walks of life.

Integrated Multicultural Community

The College's Christian faith of embracing diversity and inclusiveness is reflected through the life on campus.

While maintaining the over-a-century history and tradition, the College has also evolved into one of the most integrated multicultural communities in the University of Hong Kong.

With a 50:50 ratio of local and international students cohort, the language that is mainly used on campus is English. 

High Achievers

Integrated Multicultural Community St. Johnians excel in academics, sports, music and cultural activities:

They won the Rayson Huang Cup since 2017. Created by the University's Committee on Halls in 2013-14, the Rayson Huang Cup is awarded to the hall of residents with the highest average GPA among all halls (College included) of the year. 

St. Johnians also won the Centennial Cup since 2014. The Centennial Cup is established by the University's Committee on Halls in the academic year of 2013-14 as well to encourage students to strive for both balance and excellence across academic, sports and cultural activities.

It is an annual award to the hall (College included) with the highest average scores of:

  • the interhall sports competitions,
  • the interhall cultural competitions and
  • the highest average GPA among student residents.