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Beyond St. John's

Founded in 1991, St. John’s College Alumni Association has been bringing the College Song "Viva St. John's" (meaning long live St. John's) alive.

The network currently connects more than 2000 St. John's graduates and undergraduates.

Apart from organising events for graduates, the Association has also been actively involved in student’s development programmes as well as providing opportunities for the young St. Johnians to make friends with the big brothers and sisters.

SJCAA Directors

Chairman: Mr. Vincent CHIU Sung Tak (1/F, 1983-1987)

Vice Chairman: Mr. Nixon LEE Hon Sum (6/F, 1980-1982)

Vice Chairman: Mr. James WONG Man Tai (5,4,2/F, 1975-1979)

Vice Chairlady: Ms. June AU Ying Mei (9/F, 2000-2003)

Hon. Secretary: Ms. Vicky LI Huen Yee (9/F, 1995-1997)

Hon. Financial Secretary: Mr. Rex LEUNG (4/F, 1998-2001)

Director: Mr. Jacky WONG Hung Nam (1/F, 1993-1996)

Director: Mr. Terry CHIK Fu Fai (6/F, 1980-1985)

Director: Mr. Alex HO Sik Leung (6/F, 1987-1989)

Director: Ms. Hilary PANG (7/F, 1998-2001)

Director: Ms. LING Ling (9/F, 2000-2002)

Director: Mr. Ryan PAN (1/F, 2016-2021)

Director: Ms. Elaine WONG (9/F, 2016-2022)

Student Representative: Mr. Keith CHAN (5/F, 2020 - present)

Alumni Association

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