Music performance


The Dining Hall, located on the third floor of  Liang Chi Hao Centre, is where meals are served and the signature High Table takes place.

High Table

Green gowns and candles fill the Dining Hall (DH) *at 7pm every Monday evening, with banters and laughters being the background music. 

The High Table (HT), same as the city's East-meets-West culture, combines the UK college tradition with Chinese cooking which is enjoyed by the undergraduate students from all around the world. 

(Postgraduates and guests are also welcomed to *join. Please refer to the remarks below.)


  • Please note that the HT are currently on hold due to the pandemic situation until further notice.
  • Postgraduate students are welcome to join us upon approval given the limited seats available at DH. Please contact the College Office for further information.
  • Visitors, upon invitation and signing-in by a current St. Johnian, might also join us. Please check with the current students for further information.

High Table Talks

Regular HT talks are held after HT to engage St. Johnians in insightful discussions with the guests. The speakers include the College alumni, academics and other high level speakers.


Aiming to ensure an open discussion, the content and the speakers' identity remains anonymous. Participants are free to use the information from speakers in the talks without revealing the their identity or affiliation; recording is not allowed with the aim in mind.

DH Opening hourS
  • Breakfast: 7:45-9:30am
  • Lunch: 12:30-1:45pm
  • Dinner: 7:00-8:00pm
  • DH is opened on weekdays during the above slots, and Saturday during breakfast and lunch time.
Remarks for guests
  1. Please note that the no visitor policy is in place given the current pandemic situation until further notice.
  2. Visitors, upon the invitation and signing in by a current St. Johnian, might enjoy the meal at DH.