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Pastoral Care

How do we support each St. Johnian? 

Throughout their time at the College, the students are supported by an extensive network of staff, current students and alumni. The network includes College staff, floor tutors (in both undergraduate and postgraduate wings), as well as the Career and Academic Advisor.

We seek to support students facing challenges such as homesickness, language acquisition, cultural difference and career planning. 

"For young graduates, starting in this position is challenging. To better understand the younger brothers and sisters, my way is to speak with them directly. In off hours, I enjoy chatting with my students about anything casual. It can be their new experience in the local community, their favorite courses of the semester, the bars they usually visit, or anything that can spring to our minds.

The tutor team has young professionals of diverse backgrounds, and we are always happy to share our experience of more practical matters. Through St. John’s FinMinds, a seminar-based club initiated by me, we created a breeding ground for students to exchange their idea in political economy, financial markets, technology, and other hot-button issues. Endeavoring to bridge the school with industries and early career, my team provides hands-on support for students in the competitive job markets. We do not offer general tips. Our close friendships fuel the mentoring dynamics with more personal interactions and a longer-term outlook."

Mr. Ryan PAN, 2/F Tutor

"As a tutor I see myself first and foremost as an older brother to everyone on my floor. For many students, I am the first one they reach out to, when they need support in any aspect of their lives. This is not just limited to academics: I help them define their path and support them with their job applications, I advise them on their projects in and outside of school and I am there for them at all times if they are facing any personal challenges. For me, it is of utmost importance to have a strong connection, based on mutual respect and trust, to every one of my students, so that I can be there for them in whichever capacity I can. Finally, the ultimate goal is to provide them with the structure they need to transition into an independent adult life, where they can stand on their own two feet."

Mr. Maximilian VOGT, 5/F Tutor

"Having lived in St. John’s College for four years of my undergraduate education before becoming a tutor, it took a second to get used to the shift from being a student to a more managerial role in the hall.  I remember the first few weeks of being a floor tutor, there was an ongoing inside joke among my floor sisters to call me ‘老师’ (or ‘teacher’ in Mandarin). It was not intended to alienate my role on the floor, but rather friendly banter to humor how friends I have known for a while are now technically, my students. To my horror, the joke stuck and I even find myself getting used to and answering those calls. Even then, it did not change the dynamic of my relationship with the floor, and I continue to give and receive support from my floor sisters as I would before."

Ms. Amanda HWA, 10/F Tutor

"I arrived at a time when the College became more internationalised. Students came from different parts of the world. Most of the time they have not met each other before. 

As we spent time together, I learnt that students shared common challenges in life: passing exams, attending trainings, maintaining the balance between the two while planning out their careers. There was also the uncertainty of whether or not to stay in Hong Kong for the long run.

As a tutor as well as a graduate, I recalled my time as a student and shared my experience. I offered bilingual support and explained what I knew about the city, from obtaining and renewing visas, learning Cantonese to exploring different corners of the street. I listened to their ups and downs as they navigated their ways to becoming adults. 

It always brings me joy to see how students build their identity and become more confident in life. I witness how they have grown and learnt to support each other as St. Johnians. I hope they find their roots here – and build a home from home – despite the challenging time we are in."

Ms. Hilary KO, 8/F Tutor