Dining Hall

This 3000 sq. ft. dining hall is situated on the third floor of the Liang Chi Hao Centre and is for St. Johnians only. Students can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner here everyday.

All members of the College gather together here for high-table dinner every Monday when prominent members of the society are often invited as guests to the High Table Talks.

BBQ Site

We have our B.B.Q. at the Back Lawn. The barbeque site extends from the rear of Marden wing and is surrounded by trees and scrubs. It’s full of music and laughter during the summer time!


It is situated on the fourth floor of the Liang Chi Hao Centre. Regular services are held in this elegant chapel. Sometimes the ological lectures are also held here.

Common Room

On the ground floor of Marden Wing, there is a spacious students’ common room. Which has a piano, a table-tennis table, a soft drinks vending machine, a photocopier and different kinds of magazines and newspaper. Students always gather here to take a rest.


This 1300 sq. ft. air-conditioned library is situated on the first floor of the Liang Chi Hao Centre. It provides our students with an excellent environment for studying. There is some drafting equipment for architecture students. Magazines, reference books and past papers are also available for all students.