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How is College Life Like?

Student Life

Through the shared-living experience, healthy competitions and cultural exposure, St. Johnians continue to bond, support each other and push themselves as far as they are able.  


Floormates for Life

"Brotherhood" and "Sisterhood" are two common St. Johnian vocabularies when it comes to residential life. Each floor is shaped by its distinctive culture and traditions.

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Knowledge and Growth

The students' passion for learning, their strong sense of committment and motivation to make progress are reflected in their academic achievement.

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Spirit of Aquila

A healthy mind is a result of a healthy body; St. Johnians are encouraged to develop the physical robustness necessary to enable them to develop their intellectual and critical thinking skills.

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Cultural Teams and Activities

Unity in Diversity

Embracing diversity, from cultural background to interests and talents in the community.

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Students' Voice Matters

Building and improving the College life together:



Our Stories

Our St. John's

Sharings of what does the College mean to students and College members.

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