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Despite being from the other side of the world, I soon found myself surrounded by like-minded people who I now call my family.

St. Johnians in Switzerland

Over the past few months, I had the honour to welcome some currents and alumni in Switzerland. I had always been asking St. Johnians to visit me and now, after some failed attempts, it finally happened.

The first one to visit was former 8/F tutor Yvonne LEUNG. We had previously become friends during my exchange and immediately had a connection through our mutual interest in each other’s education, legal systems as well as other topics. Now, she is temporarily working in Strasbourg, France. Yvonne was invited for lunch at my mother’s law firm and made the connection with one of her colleagues, Alexandra, who later met up with Yvonne in Strasbourg.

In December, my first Fifth Floor Brother, Yang Ming, came for a visit. We didn’t spend our time in the college together but met during my trip to the University of Cambridge with other St. Johnians and Dr. CHONG last spring, where Yang Ming is currently studying. I also reunited with current St. Johnians, KJ and Nelson. We celebrated Christmas time together, and later met up with Lilly WONG, another Swiss St. Johnian. She welcomed us at her home and prepared traditional Swiss food, fondue, for us.

Every visit from my friends from the other side of the world meant a lot to me. Each one of them invested a lot of time and energy in order to come and visit me. Showing my friends where I grew up and how the environment influenced me to become the person I am was a big dream of mine ever since I came back from Hong Kong.

Once a St. Johnian, Always a St. Johnian.

Maximilian Aaron VOGT

5/F Tutor and Former Exchange Student

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