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Postgraduate Students' Association

Founded in 2007, the Postgraduate Students' Association (PGSA) represents the St. Johanians in Wong Chik Ting Hall which is the Postgraduate Wing.

Apart from organising events for postgraduate students, they also collaborate with SJCSA to promote integration between the two cohorts.

Executive Members:
Chairperson:                                       Ms. WANG Hechunzi 
External Vice-Chairperson:              Mr. HE Ruifei         
Internal Vice-Chairperson:               Mr. RATAJCZAK Oskar
Financial Secretary:                           Mr. GUPTA Raman
Publication & Publicity Secretary:   Mr. HONG Xiang
Social Secretary:                                Ms. LI Ruiying

Non-Executive Members: 

Ms. ZHOU Xinbei 
Mr. SHEN Zijing 
Ms. SHI Zhengyu 
Ms. CHEN Xinhui 
Ms. HUANG Jiawen 
Mr. MU Jun