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Over a Century

The College

The motto of the College "ΠANTA ΔI AYTOY" (“All Through Him”) goes hand-in-hand with that of the University of Hong Kong's "Sapientia et Virtus" ("Wisdom and Virtue"). 

The College aims to nurture future leaders with the open mind, moral principles and ethical values, as well as physical robustness to develop their intellectual and critical thinking skills. It will allow St. Johnians to go beyond their own self-perceived limitations and better serve society.


More than a Hall of Residence

"College" represents our mission.

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Since 1912

The first residential hall of the University of Hong Kong.

Looking Back

Stepping Forward


Retracing St. John’s

The home to a wide range of material, from College administrative records, student life records, artefacts and other ephemeral items. 

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College Management

The Governing Body, known as The Council is established according to the “St. John’s College Ordinance”.

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